My Career in Fortnite

How gaming became the earliest iteration of my career in social media


Presentation overview:

Much like most kids growing up in the 1990s, Adam played video games. He played a lot of video games. He’d talk about them online, and eventually started a blog. It developed a following. It got noticed by major companies. One of them served him a cease and desist. That was scary; but it was also validation: when he talked about his passion, people listened.

Adam has performed “My Career in Fortnite” in countless classrooms across the Toronto District School Board and Toronto Public Libraries. He inspires students by sharing how his unconventional journey gave way to the earliest forms of social media, before the industry existed and his career was born from his favourite pastime.

With technologies rapidly advancing faster than most companies can plan for, many of the jobs of tomorrow do not exist today. But who’s to say that even though they don’t exist today, we can’t prepare?

Key Outcomes:

  • Inspire students to channel passion into action with Adam’s motivational story

  • Gives importance to the value of education and personal branding as early as high school

  • Provides students with an actionable plan to turn their interest in virtually any topic into a portfolio that can one day be used to job-seek




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