The Innovator’s Dilemma

Why disruption will go further for your brand than innovation ever did


Presentation overview:

How many times a day do we hear the 2019 buzz word of the year: innovation? While we understand its meaning, what many of us are after are new ways of thinking that create new market and network value, and changes the game for market leaders.

You don’t need to innovate to be relevant. In this session, Adam talks through real-world examples of how companies have harnessed the power of products, services, alliances and a customer-centric focus to turn established, marketing-leading industries on their heads.

Based on accurate data from real-life case studies on brands and individuals who have moved the needle online to establish themselves and drive purchase decisions, Adam guides you through the tactics that are already proven in market to be disruptive rather than innovative.

Key Outcomes:

  • Understand how disruption has shaped some of Canada’s biggest industries

  • Harness the power of a customer-centric focus to your marketing strategy

  • Leave with actionable takeaways for promoting your products, services and alliances through disruptive digital rather than innovation


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