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"word of mouth" into a world of mouth.

I’m very blessed to have my work on social media featured on television (BNN, CBC, CTV), radio (CBC, Sirius XM), and in magazines (CPA Magazine). I also teach a Digital Marketing course (MARK9077) at George Brown College that I built off proprietary data and case studies from my own career.

I’m a 2-time “Top 30 Under 30 Canadian Blogger to Watch” (Front Side Bus) and a previous winner of the National Rogers Marketing Competition, for which I also held the title of best undergraduate speaker in Canada. 

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We don’t have a choice on whether or not we do social media, the question is how WELL we do it.

- Erik Qualman


I've spent the last decade growing the social properties of Canada's most prominent brands, managing and speaking on all aspects of digital marketing strategy including social listening, management of social media channels, crisis communications and analytics. I'm currently the National Lead of Digital Services at KPMG Canada.

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