Every year before our annual town hall, we poll the planning committee for who we can bring in that will entertain, educate and disrupt the way we think, and every year someone says ‘ADAM’
— Shawn P., Toronto Hydro

Kristen Foucault, Investors Group

“You want to know the mark of a good keynote? We brought Adam in [in 2016] and to this day, our team still quotes his formula for truly effective messaging.”

Sultan P., CHRL

“Hands down one of the most electrifying speakers we’ve ever had the pleasure of hosting.”

Jim Pagiamtzis, Speaker, Author, Trainer

“Adam delivered a very engaging and educational talk on “How to build your brand on LinkedIn” at the Palmerston Public Library Small Business Series. His examples and stories were simple and effective in sharing the power of LinkedIn to your audience. He took time to answer all the attendees questions and provided fantastic answers. Highly recommend Adam share his message to groups who want to learn and take action on his knowledge.”