Good marketing can make you laugh, scream or cry.
The right speaker can compel you to talk, share and buy.
— Jonah Berger, Contagious

Award-winning speaker with unabashed devotion to enthrall audiences.

I transform "word of mouth" into a world of mouth for Fortune 500 companies. 

Are you ready for a mouthful? My claim to fame in the world of social media and blogging came in 2007 when I reluctantly sold my blog after being served with a cease and desist.

The important takeaway from the ordeal was validation: I could make an impact (and a career) through engaging conversation.

I’m a 2-time “Top 30 Under 30 Canadian Blogger to Watch” (Front Side Bus) and a previous winner of the National Rogers Marketing Competition, for which I also held the title of best undergraduate speaker in Canada. 

I've spent the last decade growing the social properties of Canada's most prominent brands, managing all aspects of their digital marketing strategy including social listening, management of social media channels, crisis communications and social media programs. I'm currently the National Lead of Digital Services at KPMG Canada.

My work as a social media influencer has been featured on CBC, CTV, Yahoo, BNN,, MaximumPC,,,, and my own site,

I'm also the host of StaplesTechTV, the official YouTube channel of Staples Inc.

What does all of this mean? 

It means that I help businesses create conversations that resonate with their audiences and increase meaningful chatter, turning posts into messages and messages into quality leads.

I've engaged millions of followers on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram as well as viewers on YouTube, IGTV and Facebook Live. I also consult for a number of small and medium businesses, and teach a course that I built off of proprietary data and case studies from my own career at George Brown College.